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2d 3d animation video company Chennai

2D 3D Animation Video Company Chennai

The best Photoshop shortcuts

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46. Content Aware Scale

  • MAC: Cmd+Shift+Opt+C
  • WINDOWS: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C

Scale your image to your preferred state with this super-quick Photoshop shortcut.

47. Content-Aware Move

The latest content-aware tool in Photoshop CC enables you to move objects around in a photograph, and it’ll intelligently fill in the gaps where they used to be.

48. Create clipping mask

  • MAC: Cmd+Opt+G
  • WINDOWS: Ctrl+Alt+G

A great way to keep shadows and shading where they belong, the clipping mask tool is basic but useful.

49. Blending modes

  • MAC: Shift++ or
  • WINDOWS: Shift++ or

Photoshop has a variety of blending modes to create cool effects. Use this command to cycle through each.

50. Black and white dialogue box

  • MAC: Shift+Cmd+Opt+B
  • WINDOWS: Shift+Ctrl+Alt+B

Speed up the process of converting colour photos to black and white with this Photoshop shortcut, which opens the black and white adjustment dialogue box.

51. Change image size

  • MAC: Cmd+Opt+i
  • WINDOWS: Ctrl+Alt+i

Set up your image sizes with ease with this quick and simple shortcut. 2D 3D Animation Video Company Chennai

Speed up your 3D work with these Photoshop shortcuts

Speed up your 3D work with these Photoshop shortcuts

52. Show/Hide polygons

Within Selection

  • MAC: Opt+Cmd+X
  • WINDOWS: Alt+Ctrl+X

Reveal All

  • MAC: Opt+Shift+Cmd+X
  • WINDOWS: Opt+Shift+Ctrl+X

If you’re working with 3D assets, use this option to view the polygons that make up your 3D models.

53. Render

  • MAC: Opt+Shift+Cmd+R
  • WINDOWS: Alt+Shift+Ctrl+R

Once you’re happy with your 3D model, use this Photoshop shortcut to create a final render and create the highest quality version for output to web, print, or animation. 2D 3D Animation Video Company Chennai

54. View actual pixels

  • MAC: Cmd+Opt+0
  • WINDOWS: Ctrl+Alt+0

Viewing an image in Photoshop in actual pixels gives you the chance to see each pixel individually – ensuring your work is perfect.

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