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Create Eye-Catching Flyers. When you need to get the word out about an event, run a sales promo, give thanks, throw a contest, and more, Piktochart’s free flyer maker has got you covered creative flyer design

41. Pick one

Choosing a single image to feature prominently in your design gives a flyer focus and gives you a starting point to build the rest of the design around. This also works well in a series, as Ali Rahmoun has done here. creative flyer design

creative flyer design

Ali Rahmoun

42. Spread the cheer

Bright, cheerful colors and friendly graphics are an easy way to get your audience in a positive mood. This flyer by Nadia Auton certainly looks welcoming, which is appropriate for a tourism flyer. creative flyer design near me

Creative poster design near me

Nadia Auton

43. Play the cute card

Pets and children (especially young, cute ones) never fail to attract attention. Stick one (or both!) on your flyer, and you’re sure to generate some automatic interest. Amit Das went with a golden retriever for this flyer design.

campaign flyer services

Amit Das creative flyer design

44. Get gritty

A nice, gritty texture gives any design instant character and a certain timelessness, and it works well on both text and graphics. This event flyer from Max Ayalla has all kinds of textures going on for an authentic vintage feel.

promotion poster design chennai

Max Ayalla

45. Go back to basics

The primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) are a basic color combination that’s easy to fall back on when you can’t settle on a more complex color scheme. In this flyer design, Micaela Carella pairs the three with a bright aqua green.

Poster Design services near me

Micaela Carella

46. Try a trend

Design trends come and go, and some are better than others. One you may have noticed lately is the “hero image”—a large picture that stretches across the width of a design. It could fill up the whole screen on a webpage or form a high-impact header at the top of a flyer, like Tremis Skeete did here. Text is often overlaid on hero images.

hospital leaflet design near me

Tremis Skeete

47. Line up

Lines can be used in all sorts of useful ways in a design—to frame, emphasize, separate, etc. This flyer design by Will Tullos features outlines and line patterns that form a whole illustration. best flyer design & creative flyer design

cultutral poster design near me

Will Tullos

48. Frame it

Frame the part of your design that you want to stand out. A frame can be a simple rectangle or circle or more elaborate, like the concentric circles and sunrays that surround the title of this flyer by Henry Hu.

wedding invitaion design near me

Henry Hu

49. About face

We humans naturally look for and study faces. Including a face in your design (or even the suggestion of a face, like the monocle-wearing, pipe-smoking gentleman in this flyer by Masaomi Fujita) may help your audience identify with your flyer’s message. creative flyer design chennai

agencies for creative design chennai

Masaomi Fujita

50. Get back to nature | Creative Flyer Design

Flowers, trees, sunsets, and nature’s other wonders are something everyone can appreciate. Placing organic or nature-inspired imagery in your design, like the illustration in this flyer by Multia, should have wide appeal.

marketing flyer design chennai

Multia creative flyer design

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