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Creative Graphic Design Chennai

Creative Graphic Design Chennai

11. Creative Pro


Creative Pro is an online magazine for experienced designers with great how-to articles that will help you no doubt. It is filled with expert level articles and videos that will help solve many roadblocks. Many graphic designers should keep this site bookmarked for future reference. Creative Graphic Design Chennai. Logo Design Company Chennai

12. Envato Tuts+ Illustration and Design Courses

Envato Courses

There are nearly a thousand tutorials in Evanto’s design and illustration database that will be of immense help in your career as a graphic designer. You will find topics ranging from Illustrator, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Rhino and much more. While you are working on a designing project and stuck at some problem, this would be one of the best sites to refer to a solution.

13. Canva Design School


Here you will find a free self-paced graphic designing course curated for people getting into this area. It covers all the basic topics such as fonts, colors, images, background, layouts, and shapes. Despite being targeted at beginners, it is very comprehensive and will help to create a better foundation.

Offline Resources/Books

14. Making and Breaking the Grid

Making Breaking Grid

Grids offer a fantastic reference structure to build your design, bu only if you know how to use it correctly. In this book, Timothy Samara discusses how to use the grid appropriately, including situations where it serves most benefits, and times when it becomes just a hindrance.

15. Designing Brand Identity

Designing Brand Identity

Everybody wants a memorable logo, one which everyone will be able to recognize. This book offers priceless insight on how to create a premium quality logo that will help create a powerful brand presence. So whether you are creating a logo or favicon for yourself or for clients, this is a book, that is going to be of irrefutable help. This is one of Jacob’s top logo/branding books.

Creative Graphic Design Chennai

16. Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art

Paul Rand Designers Art

Everybody can’t draw and write with equal caliber, but Paul Rand isn’t everybody. In this book, the iconic graphic designer discusses how he approaches graphic designing along with some his experiences while handling clients, audience, and not to mention, his art.Creative Graphic Design Chennai

17. The Elements of Graphic Design

Elements of Design

This is the best beginner level book for graphic designing. It will help you build a concrete notion relating to spacing, unity, page architecture, and typography. It also showcases some space to discuss about the history of graphic designing, which too can be very much informative and helpful.

18. Thinking With Type

Thinking with Type

Thinking with Type is a great book on typography which will teach you some practical approaches for blending typography into your designs. After reading this, you will rarely suffer from questions such as what type of font to use, which font sizes to pick, and also help you understand the impact of alignment, spacing, ordering, and so on. Creative Graphic Design Chennai

Creative Graphic Design Chennai

19. The Art of Color

Art of COlor

The Art of Color is the best and complete guide to help you understand the topics ranging from how to mix color, color effect, to the physics of color, and much more. It goes through two different principles – a subjective feeling method, and objective colors principle- to help you understand who to use color. Everything is provided with much detail and clarified with multiple color reproductions.

20. Stationery Design Now

Creative Graphic Design Chennai

Creative Graphic Design Chennai

This book will provide you with plenty of examples regarding stationary designs. Every company/business needs letterheads, envelopes, and business cards, and thus the scope of stationery designers isn’t going to run dry anytime soon. Now, if you are thinking of getting into this field, then this book will provide you with plenty of ideas and inspiration to create some compelling designs for your clients. Creative Graphic Design Chennai @God Particles

Creative Graphic Design Chennai

So these were our picks for the best learning resources for graphic design.Do let us know, which resources you choose or preferred over the others. Also, if you know of some other good places to hone your skills in graphic designing, then do share with us and all your fellow readers.

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