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5 logo design apps

If you want a professional logo, then let’s be honest, logo design apps can provide a great starting point, but you really need to hire, or become a professional graphic designer (if you’re looking to do either, check out our design jobs listings). And if you’re setting up a serious business, or creating a new brand, then believe us: it’s worth the investment.

But maybe you need a logo, and therefore logo design apps, for another purpose, one that doesn’t have to be super-slick and professional. Maybe you’re creating a programme for a school fete, or a poster for local theatre group. Maybe you need to create a quick logo for work that’s just for internal use; a brochure mockup or internal report, say.

logo design Apps

In cases like this, there are many logo design apps that can you help you create a logo that looks half-decent quickly and easily, even if you don’t have design skills, or are still at beginner level.

And if you need a bit of extra help, take a look at our in-depth logo design article, which has everything you need to know about the art of logos.

01. Logo Maker by Light Creative Lab

Three Logo Maker screengrabs

Logo Maker is our overall favourite logo design app for beginners

  • Requires: Android 4.0.3+

This is our favourite logo design app for beginners. It has an excellent interface that’s easy to pick up without any instruction, and a wide range of customisation options, allowing you to create a logo design that’s truly individual. Plus it’s totally free to download from the Google Play Store.

To get started, open the app and click on the ‘Create’ button to get started. You’re then offered a surprisingly large number of icons, grouped into categories; although note that while some are free, some are paid-for. logo design apps

First time around, we’d recommend clicking on the ‘Colorful‘ category, and just start having a play. Once you’re done, you can save your design to the app’s gallery or email as a png file.

02. Logoscopic by RoadRocks

3 Logoscopic screengrabs

Logoscopic is our favourite logo design app for beginners using iOS (it’s also available for Android)

  • Requires: iOS 9.0+ or Android 4.0.3+

Our favourite logo design app for beginners using iOS, Logoscopic offers an easy way to make a logo using a variety of pre-designed visuals, with no design experience necessary. it’s also available for Android users.

You start by choosing your logo categories (Iconic, Pro, Art, Lifestyle, Fashion or People), then one of the numbered sub-categories within them. Note that although the app itself is free to download, all of these appear to be in-app purchases, except for Iconic > 1, so that’s a good sub-category to have a play around with first.

Once you’ve chosen a symbol, you can then start building your logo using the intuitive controls.           03. Logopit Plus by Iris Studios

3 Logopit Plus screengrabs

Logopit Plus has a lot of great features, but there is a bit of a learning curve involved

  • Requires: Android 4.2+

This app has a bit of an identity crisis. It’s called Logo Maker Plus – Graphic Design & Logo Creator on Google Play, but when you download it, the icon bears the words ‘Logopit Plus’.

Creative Logo Designs

The confusion continues when you open the app, and you’re faced with a series of options of which ‘Logo’ is only one (you can also use it to create posters, flyers, Pinterest Pins and all manner of other visual delights).

No matter: once you click on the ‘Logo’ option, this free app works a treat. On the first screen, click ‘Add new logo’ and you’re taken to a selection of free icons (or you can choose ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Premium’ if you’re willing to pay).

04. ICONA Logo Maker

Four ICONA Logo Maker screengrabs

Create beautifully minimalist logos with ICONA Logo Maker

  • Requires: iOS 8.0+

Unlike the other apps on our list, ICONA Logo Maker isn’t free (it costs $1.99), and the misspelled tagline on the App Store (‘Porfessional Logo Studio’) doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

On the plus side, though, it does boast an astonishing one million customisable designs, which is not to be sneezed at. (Even though that creates a problem when it comes to finding the ones you like, it’s the kind of problem that’s good to have.)

Graphic Design and Logo Design

The app also features quite a sophisticated range of controls, including smart layering, fill and stroke colouring, solid and gradient colouring, kerning and leading, alignment, opacity and grid snapping. Of course, whether that’s a good or bad thing will largely depend on your level of familiarity with such terms. It will also depend, quite frankly, on the size of your fingers, and how happy you are to engage in such finessing, especially on an iPhone (the iPad will probably be a better bet).

The main reason, though, to investigate ICONA Logo Maker is its minimalist approach to logo design. Its icons are uniformly sleek, thoughtfully conceived and beautifully refined; and contrast nicely with some of the ‘cheesier’ graphics offered by other apps on this list.

05. Hatchful Logo Maker by Shopify

Selection of Hatchify logos

Hatchify is our favourite logo design app for beginners that’s focused on business

  • Requires: iOS 11.0+ or Android 5.0+

Shopify is an ecommerce platform, and so its logo maker is specifically designed for entrepreneurs. It’s free to download on iOS or Android, whether or not you’re a Shopify customer.

This approach may be a little confusing and irrelevant for someone creating a non-business logo.

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