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21. The best pencils for colouring, drawing and sketching

Better designer: pencils

Whether you’re creating an illustration or making a wireframe mockup, a humble pencil will be the tool you need. We’ve gathered together our selection of the very best pencils to get you started. low cost graphic design company near me

22. The 18 best tools for online collaboration

Better designer: online collaboration

If working from home or collaborating with creatives in other parts of the world is a goal for you in 2019, there’s all sorts of tech that can help. These real-time collaboration tools make your design work easier… wherever you are in the world.

Make more money

23. 8 ways to make more money


Better designer: make more money

There are multiple ways you can earn extra income from your design skills. In this post, we look at some creative ways you could boost your income in the year to come.

24. 6 steps for dealing with cheapskate clients

Better designer: freelance

Over 70% of freelancers say that they’ve been stiffed by clients at one point in their careers. Get the money you’re owed with these tips for dealing with tightfisted clients.

25. Why designers need to talk about money

Better designer: talk about money

Are you a freelancer finding it difficult or awkward to talk about money? If so, you’re not alone. But it’s an issue the design industry needs to tackle. Brush up on your fees and rights with this advice from the AOI’s Ren Renwick.

26. 4 ways to cash in as a freelancer

Better designer: freelance

Freelancing can unlock higher earnings and a better quality of life, but it’s not always simple to get to that point. Bryce Bladon, editor-in-chief of Clients From Hell, shares his expert advice for making more money as a freelancer. low cost graphic design company near me  @God Particles

Get more clients

27. 34 brilliant design portfolios to inspire you

Better designer: design portfolio

A slick and well made portfolio is key to landing work with more clients. See how the best pros sell themselves with these examples of brilliant design portfolios, then go and give yours a polish.  low cost graphic design company near me

28. This simple trick could win you more clients

Better designer: clients

Is your amazing design portfolio still not pulling in the clients? Perhaps you need to look at how your communicate with potential business partners via email. This single tip could have clients lining up to work with you.  low cost graphic design company near me

29. 7 of the worst clients – and how to deal with them

Better designer: clients

As well as landing work with good clients, it’s also worth your time sifting out those that are more trouble than they’re worth. Learn how to deal with them with these tips. low cost graphic design company near me

Low Cost Graphic Design Company Near Me

Start a side project

30. How to start a side project: 21 pro tips

Better designer: side projects

Every designer should have a side project, but how can you find the time to knuckle down and get on with it? Make your precious hours count with these 21 tips for side project success. low cost graphic design company near me

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