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Professional Flyer Design Chennai

Professional Flyer Design

A flyer is a form of paper advertisement intended for wide distribution and typically posted or distributed in a public place, handed out to individuals or sent through the mail. In the 2010s, flyers range from inexpensively photocopied leaflets to expensive, glossy, full-color circulars. Professional Flyer Design Chennai.

21. Go old-school

Remember when (before we had cell phones to remember phone numbers for us) there were those flyers that had tear-off tabs—little strips of paper with contact information on them? This flyer concept from Glenn Jones revisits that idea, with amusing results. When you can infuse a sense of humor into your designs, they’ll be more memorable.

Professional Flyer Design Chennai

Glenn Jones

22. Get artsy

Including design elements inspired by traditional art mediums—whether paint splatters, watercolor splashes, ink drawings, or something else (real or digital)—can give your flyer design an extra-creative look that feels custom-made. This colorful example from Dussk Design layers different textures from the same color family in a way that feels spontaneous and energetic.

design flyer for events

Dussk Design

23. Block it out (Flyer)

Want to draw attention to a certain part of your design? Try placing it on top of a block of color, which shows that that area is important, especially when you use a loud color like red or yellow. In this example from Rich Scott, the red area highlights the key information: the brand name, the website, and that magic word: FREE. Professional Flyer Design Chennai

Phamphlet Designing chennai

Rich Scott

24. Offer an incentive (Flyer Design)

If you’re creating a flyer hoping that your audience will do something when they receive it, it’s a good idea to offer an incentive. It could be a coupon or a free gift (or both, like on this flyer by Blake Thomas) to get your audience to engage with your brand. This flyer design also has something else going for it: it pairs blue with an orangey, golden hue—and blue and orange are complementary colors (or opposites on the color wheel, which artists will tell you always make a striking contrast; think red and green, purple and yellow, etc.).  Professional Flyer Design Chennai

best brochure design chennai

Blake Thomas

25. Think outside the box

One of the best things about designing a flyer is that you can let your creativity shine. Of course, different projects will have different guidelines and requirements, but if you find yourself in a situation where you have free rein, use it. The mountain of green monkeys in this flyer by Sander Legrand may not be the first illustration idea that occurs to most of us… but you know what? It works.

wrapper design chennai

Sander Legrand

26. Keep it clean

A clean, uncluttered approach to design is always a safe bet. This example from Partho P. Folia keeps things crisp with a streamlined sans-serif font and sharp, geometric shapes.

wall designing chennai

Partho P. Folia

27. Experiment With layout

Getting creative with the layout of your design produces a more interesting visual experience and will make more people take notice of your flyer. For instance, this design by Oguzcan Pelit places the main text within the borders of an illustration, like it was scribbled there by hand.

flyer design services in chennai

Oguzcan Pelit

28. Stay true to type

Typography is an essential part of almost any flyer. But the text itself can be the only design element and work well. The bold type in this classic theatre poster by Paula Scher certainly stands on its own.

Poster design chennai

Paula Scher

29. Angle it

Diagonal or angled lines always make a layout more dynamic, especially when text is involved. It’s different than the straight lines of words we’re used to seeing, so it stands out.  This flyer from The Tenfold Collective sets everything on the diagonal to nice effect (notice the crisp alignment).

collective tickets design chennai

The Tenfold Collective

30. Evoke familiarity

When you use imagery that is familiar or meaningful to your audience, you create an instant connection with them and tap into their emotions. This flyer by In-Vision Promotions, designed to look like a Polaroid photo, might bring back good memories of fun with friends or happy vacations to people of a certain age. Professional Flyer Design Chennai

promotions flyer design

In-Vision Promotions

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