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God Particles

God Particles Rebranding Poster Designs for City Square cafeteria chennai

Restaurant Flyer Design

Restaurant Flyer Design

When you use imagery that is familiar or meaningful to your audience, you create an instant connection with them and tap into their emotions. This flyer by In-Vision Promotions, designed to look like a Polaroid photo, might bring back good memories of fun with friends or happy vacations to people of a certain age. Restaurant Flyer Design chennai, India.

31. Be clever

Clever imagery or wordplay makes a flyer instantly memorable; it catches the eye and engages the mind. Take this flyer by PixelGreco—what says “retro summer party” better than a melting cassette-tape-popsicle?



32. Rinse and repeat

Using repetition in your design can help get your message or theme across more quickly. But repetition doesn’t have to be boring. Tobias Tietchen keeps things fresh in his flyer by making the details of each repeated image a little different. Restaurant Flyer Design

event phamphlet design chennai

Tobias Tietchen

33. Play peek-a-boo

Hiding pieces of your design behind other parts not only gives it depth and makes for an interesting layout, but also makes people want to take a closer look at your flyer. Check out how the text weaves in front of and behind the saxophones in this flyer by P. Von Haggen.


P. Von Haggen

34. Get personal

Try giving your design a personal touch, like the handwriting in this flyer by Sofia Copello. It reminds people that the flyer is coming from a human who cares, not some nameless corporation.


Sofia Copello

35. Be materialistic

Flyers can be printed on just about anything. Want to get really creative? Try printing on an unusual material. It could be something easy to find like handmade or recycled paper or, if budget allows, something more substantial like this laser-cut wood flyer by Robert Hellmundt.


Robert Hellmundt

36. Map it out

Promoting an event that’s taking place at an interesting or iconic location? Include a map as part of the design; it could be practical or more abstract, like this illustrated flyer from Parliament of Owls.

illustrated  Design chennai

Parliament of Owls

37. Start counting

If you’re working on a flyer that emphasizes dates, times, or other numerical information, try making the numbers the center of attention like Hype & Slippers did in this series of flyers.

Promotions poster design

Hype & Slippers

38. Go with the flow

Not all designs have to be perfectly aligned and orderly. Free-flowing designs can work, too (especially when that style suits your event), like this one by Miguel Sarabua that features hand-painted typography.

leaflet design chennai

Miguel Sarabua

39. Step back

Sometimes a design just speaks for itself… if we let it and don’t overthink the design process. This flyer by Hilen Godoy is deceptively simple—just a few letters and a single photograph creatively arranged—but it tells the whole story. Adding any other design elements might spoil that elegant simplicity.

Poster Design Chennai

Hilen Godoy

40. Doodle away

Maybe you were one of those kids who always doodled in class. Why stop now? Handwritten or hand-drawn designs, like this one by Funny Fun with Guillaume, give flyers a casual, personal feel.

Restaurant Flyer Design near me

Funny Fun with Guillaume

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