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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, just take a look around on social media. You can spot examples of seasonal branding. Whether you provide a service or sell a physical product, tweaking your branding to fit a season or holiday can help increase your profits, build loyalty and strengthen your company’s identity.

What Is Seasonal Branding?

Seasonal branding isn’t a complete branding makeover. It’s simply a seasonal modification or addition to your brand identity. You maintain your core branding but with a seasonal twist. Once the season passes, you can revert to your general branding or update your company’s look for the next season.

Effective seasonal branding retains your traditional brand identity with a little something extra to tie in with the time of year. That familiarity satisfies your loyal customers and prevents your image from becoming too different, unrecognizable or confusing. Finding a balance between seasonal elements and your core brand message is essential for success.

Branding Package

If you have a strong logo design that people associate with your company, changing it too much can have a negative impact. You can add some seasonal embellishments to the logo as long as you keep it recognizable. If you don’t have an easily identifiable logo, now’s the time to create one.

Planning a few months in advance gives you time to coordinate the seasonal aspects to create a tight, relevant branding package. You also have time to develop supporting content, such as blog posts or social media campaigns, to promote the seasonal branding.

What is your purpose for seasonal branding? Are you promoting a seasonal product? Are you trying to generate new buzz? Knowing what you’re aiming for helps guide the planning process.

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