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Web Design Trends 2019

Everything from layout to colors, typography to white space, and everything in between, web designing has touched upon several design trends that make your websites pop and also retain attention. Web Design Services  near Chennai

16. Massive, screen-dominating text


Copywriters and other content specialists have long argued that content should always come first in the design process. After all, publishing for the web … is still publishing. And whether we’ve finally managed to convince the world of the value of content, or designers have just started to get really interested in letterforms, we’re starting to see websites that truly give textual content center stage.

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Witness the above shot from makers of smokable products, Rolling Flowers. Pitched as an alternative to rolling tobacco, Rolling Flowers lets text do (most of) the talking on their (loudly) minimal ecommerce site. Web Design Services @God Particles


And tosses in some incredibly large buy buttons to boot.

Or take this shot from a (for now) super-secret internal project:

Large, black text fills the hero section on a white background. One word per line reads, "march into infinitude"

Which sets the copy so large you’re forced to process the sentence in fragments, not whole phrases. (Hence, theoretically focusing your attention.)

"The damn user journey" fills the hero section of Tayler Freund's landing page.
Tayler Freund shares some of her thoughts on user journeys with big, bold type.

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Even Huffpost is getting in on the dramatically massive text shenanigans:

Landing page for a Huffpost piecse with the article's title filling the left 2/3 of the screen in oversized text and the essay body on the right.

For reference, this is all I see on my MacBook Pro:

 The same Huffpost article as in the abov image with2/3 of the image cut off.

We’re also seeing this massive text trend emerge in creative menu designs, as you can see in the site of architectural firm Dot to Dot:

White, outlined text on a black background over a grid of yellow dots connected by lines to form a constellation-like image

Intriguingly, the menu has moved out of the relative ghetto of a bar across the top of the screen to take center stage, so that its wayfinding system becomes, at least on the homepage, the “meat” of the site.

17. Playful cursor design and animation

To stick with Dot to Dot for a moment, it’s also worth calling out an emerging trend around making the most of the foremost tool of human-computer interaction: the humble cursor.

Because it plays such a vital role in the dynamics of human interaction with digital spaces, many of us are reluctant to mess with the cursor. But not all of us.

On Dot to Dot, for example, the cursor does a lot of work:

 web design agency chennai
Here the hover state reveals a project image.
Here it becomes a cue to how to interact with the menu, if you hesitate for a few moments.
And here it reveals a bit of a mission statement. (Unfortunately rendering text as image.)
On the KIKK Festival site, your cursor almost seems to burn through the rich blue background to reveal another dimension to the design, adding delight to your time on the site.

Webflow-using designer Niccolò Miranda has also put the cursor to more creative work than pointing and clicking on his portfolio site. On his homepage, the cursor cues you to click and hold, triggering a witty animation of him hard at work throughout the day.

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My one hope for Niccolò is that he doesn’t actually work from 5 a.m. to midnight.

18. All hail the new homogenous hero

Until very recently, we all shared a vision of the ubiquitous website. It looked a little something like this:

web designing chennai

We even wrote a tutorial on building just this, in case your clients are clamoring for it.

But in 2018, that design began to metamorphose. Web designers grew tired of the centered headline and button atop beautiful photo. Web Design Services near Chennai @God Particles

What’d they do instead? Move the headline and CTA to the left. Then shrink the image, set it to the right, and, maybe make it a custom illustration?

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