About Us.


The Drive for Innovation.

We took our first step as a startup company engaged in creating Logos that went miles in establishing well known brand names, end to end social media designs that broke stereotypical perceptions on advertising to creatives with a strategy and designing of product packages, product photography, minimals and delving into a plunge of opportunities in the process of creating a diverse portfolio as of date. 

As we continue to grow from strength to strength adding pages to the story of success, we bridge the need for creative designs at affordable prices as we believe that we equally carry the responsibility of empowering the customer base of our clients by crafting unique conceptual designs that aid in achieving the objectives of growth and profit simultaneously. 


It is all in the name that elevates the brand holistically and by defining the mission acts as a roadmap of company’s future. Design strategies and promotions form the backbone of any marketing strategy which an organisation wishes to undertake and has the capacity to freeze the market with its output similar to Higgs boson in stunning the world. Our protons and neutrons are total commitment to quality along with timely delivery and customisation according to client needs. We fit in as an invisible superpower by catering the needs of customers by thoroughly understanding the environment in which the client operates. Hence the name GOD PARTICLES. 

With over 70 clients and counting in a short span of operations, our experience with a wide range of industries from Food and Beverages, Tech startups, Makeup studios to surprise planners, has enabled us to make client comfort and ease of work our DNA. Our focus shifts from analysing new market trends to redefining the old from time to time setting benchmarks among current market players. 

Mr. Manobharathi, Founder and CEO, God particles, has always believed that the measure of success lies in growth by building a loyal client base putting client satisfaction first. His work patterns are employee supportive encouraging worker participation and team brainstorming sessions which clearly explain the excellence in output. 

With many other diversification ideas and CSR initiatives on the anvil, God Particles continues to strive in creating standards in designs with innovation being the prime focus.