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Best Designing Company in Chennai

Best Designing Company in Chennai

Best Designing Company in Chennai


When you look at a Mcdonald’s logo, the enticing colours of yellow and red are the first things to catch your eye. Even in a sea of logos in a myriad of colors, most people can recognize the iconic yellow and red Mcdonald’s logo. The choice of colour in the logo goes a long way in brand identity. Best Designing Company in Chennai

Logos are some of the most simplest yet trickiest things to nail. With respect to colours, each  colour has a different meaning and emotional experience. As a brand you want your logo to exactly convey what your brand represents. Defining your brand personality can really help narrow down the colour for your logo.

Brand as a Person

Think of your brand as a person. Now attempt to answer these questions. Is my brand masculine or feminine? Is it a serious or fun brand? Is it luxurious or affordable? Is it trendy or classic? Is it subtle or strong?

These questions can help you understand what colours will work for your brand. But most importantly it will help you understand what colours wont. Choosing a wrong colour for the logo can make it incoherent with the brand identity.

Some of the places where your brand colours will be used are in the logo,website, stores, merchandise and advertisements. By using the same colors in all your business ventures, you strengthen your brand’s association with those colors, and by extension strengthen brand awareness as a whole.

Logo Colour

There are other ways to choose a logo colour such as going industry wise. Some industries lean toward certain colors. Tech favors blue and food industry chooses red, agriculture goes with green. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one colour. One can choose a palette of colours that will represent the brand across media. Some brands also have colour variations of their logos to be appealing to different demographics of their consumers. If the brand is international one should be aware of the symbolic meanings the logo colors can have when viewed in other cultures. A common example is the way white is viewed in most western cultures as symbolic of purity while in some Eastern cultures as symbolic of death. Hence it is important to take into consideration the cultural background of the consumers before deciding the logo colour.

But if there is one rule of thumb to creating your logo it has to be that the logo needs to be starkly different from that of its competitive brands. In shape, color and font, the logo must be different to avoid any confusion and help consumers identify your brand easily.

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