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Best Graphic Design Company in Chennai

Best Graphic Design Company in chennai india

Best Graphic Design Company in Chennai


After colours, the next step is to determine the shape of your logo. The simple reason why logo shapes are so crucial is that the human brain is hard-wired to memorise, and assign meaning to them. In fact, the way that we process shape is a fundamental aspect of how humans learn things. A distinctive shape remains stored within the banks of your memory long after you’ve seen it. Just think about that iconic Nike swoosh or the Twitter bird. best graphic design company in chennai

Shape of The Logo

The shape of the logo determines if the brand is friendly, scientific, serious, trendy or traditional. In general, soft,  round and organic shapes are less intimidating than sharp ones. They feel harmless, friendly and inviting. An absence of edges or points makes circle logo design a popular choice. Circles are round and soft, which gives off a certain feel that is drastically different than most other shapes. They’re often associated with femininity, and they can also portray security, continuity, and protection. These shapes also have a history of being used for badges and stamps, which exist in industries with traditional, authentic or even vintage qualities.

Badges and Stamps

On the other hand sharp shapes represent power, intelligence, precision and stability. these shapes also have a history of being used for badges and stamps, which exist in industries with traditional, authentic or even vintage qualities. Masculine, powerful, and brimming with strong edges, the triangle logo shape is more commonly used in the construction, motor, legal, and scientific industries. Organic shapes such as those of plants and animals are generally used to represent brands that have a connection to nature or the organic industry.

Psychology of Logo Shapes

The psychology of logo shapes often goes far beyond the obvious issues, like ensuring that your shapes are ready to indicate the right emotions. You’ll also need to ensure that you’re using the right colours with certain shapes to give extra weight to the idea or image you’re portraying. For example, bright colours like yellow can naturally complement the angular sharpness of a triangle. On the other hand, red partners well with squares, and spiritual blue colours work best with circles.

Logo Design

If you really want to use your logo design to create affinity with your audience, then you need to take every detail into consideration. This means evaluating not just what the obvious shapes in your logo communicate, but what the hidden shapes in the negative space are saying too.

As mentioned above, FedEx is a frequently-cited example of how negative space can be used cleverly to demonstrate certain ideas. Used properly, negative space can help to pack additional meaning into your logo design without making your brand mark seem too cluttered or overly complicated.


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