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Creating the Perfect Logo and Logo Trends of 2019

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4.Simple Typography

Simple design is hardly a new trend. With clean lines and memorable presentation, it’s easy to understand the draw of simple logo design. Established brands with more complicated logos are taking stock of their brand identity and re-evaluating how they can bring a fresh perspective to their aesthetic. Simplifying an existing logo is an easy way for businesses to build on their foundations – ironically, by stripping them down to their visual cores. Simple typography can be very effective and memorable. best graphic design company


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Logo Design For Navgraha

5.Illustration replacing letters

In a world where emoji are increasingly replacing text-based conversation, it’s no surprise that logos are adopting a similar concept into their designs. In 2019, we’ll see more logo designs incorporate illustration as part of the design. A company that adopts this strategy should be careful that the illustration doesn’t make the name unreadable. It is impossible to create awareness and build loyalty if people do not understand your logo.


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Logo Of Orange_Interior

6.Playful Designs

Playfulness in design, much like a good joke, is engaging, fun, and unquestionably memorable. Businesses are rightly focused on getting a logo that has long-term staying power. lasting design does not have to mean boring design. Having playful visuals that offer unexpected, clever designs can have a major impact on customers.


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Logo For Nutri Bowl

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