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Creating the Perfect Logo and Logo Trends of 2019


2. Bright colors

Color has a deep impact on how we see the world. Because it is psychologically powerful, color is often used to persuade or influence people. Bright red conjures up feelings of power and risk-taking, and electric yellow highlights adventure, enthusiasm, and youthful energy. Bright colors are easily used by any number of businesses. Make sure you choose the right shade and don’t be afraid to amp up the vibrance in 2019. best graphic design service in chennai


best graphic design service in chennai

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3. Negative space

What’s simple, but complex at the same time? Logos that use negative space in creative ways are an interesting way to explore simplicity. Logos that use negative space have been around for a long time, and some of the most famous ones have become iconic. Using negative space to hide a shape, image, or text in a logo can add an element of surprise and sophistication.

The added layer of complexity can elevate a simple design into something memorable and striking. It’s a powerful technique that rewards the viewer and can help create word-of-mouth buzz as people share their discovery with others.


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