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E commerce Web Design Company chennai india

Ecommerce Web Design Company Chennai

E-Commerce Web Design

Today’s digital consumer is pickier than ever about which brands they choose to buy from. Ecommerce Web Design Company Chennai

If a website is not working correctly or simply not offering an excellent user experience (UX), visitors will often leave a website in a matter of seconds with no intention to return. As an online e-commerce brand, this could mean certain death for the success of your business.

How to Build an Intuitive Online Store

 Consumers need to find a clear value proposition to hold their attention and convince them to stick around. This is why intuitive web design is critical for an online business that wants to offer an exceptional UX design that keeps customers engaged from start to finish.

What Is Intuitive Web Design?

There is no clear definition of what an “intuitive” website looks like. There is no set list of factors and features that you can check off a list and -voila- you now have an intuitive site. Instead, this type of web design is more about how it makes your customers feel and the kind of experience it offers to them.Web design Ecommerce Tips

Say for example that you are launching a new online clothing store. Any typical retail website will include common features like organizational tabs for customers to browse through the shirts, pants, dresses, shoes, and so on. It may include a search bar for specific items or even a few special features, but this does not necessarily make it intuitive.

An intuitive clothing store is going to make the experience truly exceptional for the customer. They may offer shopping recommendations based on their viewed items or previous purchases. And above all, they will create an outstanding UX that pleases their customers.

Why Build an Intuitive E-Commerce Site?

Obviously, your competition in the e-commerce industry is extremely fierce, so your brand’s website needs to offer a UX that pleases customers. This requires understanding what your customers want, knowing how they are going to interact with your site, and eliminating any obstacles that stand in the way of an optimized experience.

1. Enhances Engagement

Keeping your customers engaged with your website is crucial if they are going to move through the buyer’s journey. After their initial introduction to your brand, there needs to be a clear reason that a customer not only stays on your website, but conducts their research, compares your products, and decides to purchase.

If they encounter any disruptive UX challenge, it could lead to disengagement.

2. Keeps Visitors Glued

Intuitive website design is all about how it makes the user feel. When you use a website that seems to know exactly what you’re looking for or what you want to see, it creates an innate experience that keeps you locked in. Ecommerce Web Design Company Chennai

This gives you a strong competitive advantage over your competitors, especially considering the fact that customers are even willing to pay more if a website offers a more targeted shopping experience.

3. Reduces Bounce Rates

If a website has a high bounce rate, there could be several culprits that are causing people to exit soon after they arrive. First of all, it could be an accidental click, which is unfortunately not fixable. Another reason is that the web page does not work properly. If it has slow loading speeds, 404 errors, or the layout is not optimized to the device, a customer will quickly exit. And finally, the webpage could simply not offer what the user is looking for.

4. Improved SEO

Just like your business, Google’s search engine wants to offer people the best experience possible. They seek to provide users with the answers they are looking for so they keep using Google’s services.

An intuitive website will include the kind of e-commerce SEO factors that Google picks up on when determining its search results.



Examples of Intuitive Websites

Again, there is no set way to create an intuitive website. There are thousands of little ways that your site can offer an intuitive experience, but these examples can give your team inspiration and ideas for your own strategies.

What makes their website truly intuitive is how Personalization is woven throughout the shopping process. Ecommerce Web Design Company Chennai

Mountain Website

Cutter and Buck uses intense data analysis to provide a personalized and intuitive shopping experience for sports and outdoors gear. Everything about the website is straightforward and simple; it is easy to navigate and the check-out process is super quick.

Another key factor of an intuitive website is transparency and trustworthiness. From there, each piece is rated in terms of install difficulty and star rating.

Jeep People Website

5 Tips for Creating an Intuitive E-Commerce Website

In order to create a better website that is intuitive and optimized, there are some features that will support an overall experience that pleases customers, keeps them engaged, and urges them towards a purchase.

1. Include a Visible Search Bar and Shopping Cart

It is extremely frustrating to encounter a website that requires you to dig through all of its content to find what you want. While some of your customers may come to your website to browse through your selection, in general, most have a specific item or product in mind that they are looking for.



2. Maintain Uniform Navigation

One of the top reasons why a customer will immediately leave a site is if the navigation is unclear or confusing. Furthermore, having a hidden or partially visible navigation bar can hurt your website’s UX, too – since according to NNGroup’s study, if it takes a longer time for customers to locate, it’s more difficult to discover content, and it is considered far less effective.

Navigation Stats

One of the keys to intuitive web design is simplification. Be sure that your mobile website matches up, too, as many shoppers may interact with both formats.

3. Streamline the Mobile Interface

Half of customers are now shopping from their phones, but only about 20% are converting.

Ecommerce Web Design Company Chennai

Visuals need to be simplified with CTA buttons that are large and highly visible throughout the process. Simplify the shopping process and make sure that the majority of important content is within the natural or slight stretch zone on a phone screen for easy scrolling.

Thumb reach

4. Use Visuals for Easier Decision Making

You want your customers to be compelled to make a speed decision to purchase, so one of the best ways to capture their interest and convince them to convert is by focusing on visual elements. The more visual content that your product page features, the better.

5. Give Users What They Want

In the end, intuitive design boils down to giving your customers the experience that they want.

Go over your business’s data metrics on visitor behavior thoroughly and often.  If you are still unclear of what your audience is looking for, don’t be afraid to ask. Conducting market research through surveys or questionnaires can get your design team on the right path.


Building your own website is a huge under-taking, but creating an intuitive one is another challenge all-together. Ecommerce Web Design Company Chennai

This article was contributed by Manish Dudharejia.

— Article Source : JustCreative

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