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graphic design agency in chennai

Graphic Design Agency in Chennai

The Best Graphic Design Articles

As usual each month I round up the best graphic design articles from around the web and this month is no exception except only it has doubled in size. There is only one or two articles from a singular blog to ensure quality and differentiation! graphic design agency in chennai

Articles have been broken into categories:

Personal Favorites

Graphic Design

All Graphic Design


Graphic Design Agency in Chennai



Web Design

Steven did a good round up of web design based posts and here are some of the links he recommended plus a few more added by me.



As seen on Noupe here are some great CSS Links with some added by me.

  • Awesome CSS Code Snippets from Outlaw Design Blog
    No other explanation is needed. graphic design agency in chennai
  • The Highly Extensible CSS Interface
    The Highly Extensible CSS Interface is an excellent 4-part series of articles, now gathered together on one page for easy reference.
  • Hartija – CSS Print Framework
    Hartija is “mini” CSS Framework for web printing. The goal of this framework is to improve and ease the creation of “printer friendly” pages with minimum effort. graphic design agency in chennai
  • CSS Gradients, Transforms, Animations, and Masks
    Safari / Webkit shows the future of CSS! Gradients wirh CSS and without any image.
  • Combine Your CSS Media Styles Into One File
    Using some easy CSS, you can combine your CSS medias into one file!
  • CSS do’s and dont’s Part 1: CSS Selecting
    Css Globe is starting a series of lightweight articles named “CSS do’s and don’ts”. This series is aimed at pointing out some of the bad habits when it comes to css and web standards in general.
  • Date Stamps graphic design agency in chennai
    A list of all six styles, each with an example of the timestamp and the code you can use to create it.
  • Simplifying and Demystifying CSS Backgrounds
    A great article to show how to use background images with CSS.
  • Web to Print: Restyling Pages on the Fly with CSS
    Matthew is sharing the experience he gained while writing a print stylesheet for Bits O’ NewMedia.

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