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Graphic Design Company in chennai

Graphic Design Company in Chennai

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Relax. We’ve got your back. Scroll through this list of the best Christmas / Holiday gifts to give to a designer and put a dash of happiness in their artistry! graphic design company in chennai

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Best Christmas Presents / Gifts for Designers, Artists and Creatives

  1. Multitouch Drawing Tablet

Graphics Tablet

I won’t say it isn’t the most obvious choice, it surely is for many. But, with technology getting better every passing month, gifting a multi-touch tablet having the latest specifications is a great option. Artist16, Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, Wacom Cintiq 13HD and so forth are within a feasible price range.

These tablets allow designers to draw directly on the screen where they can collaborate with others, and electronically & manually make changes.

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  1. Extra Storage / BackUp Drives


Backup storage, of course, is a mind-blowing gift any time. It is a life-saving gift you can present to your designer friends whose work is their vigor. There’s no way they want to lose it; a thoughtful gift idea indeed. So, why not?

Graphic Design Company in Chennai

This storage software allows syncing data with other cloud services. Whether you want backups, security, file management or just cloud storage, they meet all the requirements. Some of the best disk managers are Seagate Personal Cloud, Synology DiskStation DS216j, Synology DiskStation DS716+. Learn more about network attached storage devices here.

  1. Power Dock Station

PowerDock Station

To cut out the mess and make your friend’s life a tad easier, here is another superhero gift on the list. Power dock stations will make your buddy’s desk a clean slate. No cluttered wires and no entangling. These dock stations can also fit cables, wallets, phones, tablets, and keys. Allow them some fresh space that’s clutter-free. graphic design company in chennai

  1. LaMetric Dashboard & Speaker


Live display of pixel notifications together with a speaker; could life be any better? This gadget displays notifications of multiple things; for example, business metrics, emails, tasks, news, etc. Fully customizable, one can connect it either to the mobile phone or computer.

  1. QlockTwo Touch


There’s a unique thing about designers. They cannot settle for common objects and decorations. They always have eyes for something that’s equally beautiful and functional. Qlocktwo Touch is a perfect item in the gift wrap. This alarm clock includes a matrix of letters that illuminate to tell you the time. For instance, if it is 8.15, the clock will show ‘fifteen past eight’ in the most stylish way.

  1. Headphone Amplifier

Headphone Amp

Working for long hours on computers can become tedious, but to boost concentration, designers prefer listening to music. Therefore, headphone amplifiers are an ideal match for them. Designed with high-impedance and low-sensitivity, these make a good fit & can also be used on a small workstation. graphic design company in chennai

  1. Vanamco DeviceLab


Eye candy and a very useful gift for designers. DeviceLab is a receptive developmental stand. It helps designers test responsive sites at once by bringing several devices like mobile phones and tablets together in a single place. Besides, it also helps increase productivity at par.

  1. Dot Grid Sketchbook

UI Sketch Book

Let your designer buddies play with dimensions and space to design logos, UI ideas or UX wireframes. Integrated with a dot grid pattern, this gadget is especially useful for UI Stencils and saves a lot of time. Also, the product is 100 percent recyclable which means a safe sigh for mother nature too. graphic design company in chennai

  1. Re-markable Paper Tablet


Read, write or sketch, this Paper Tablet will make it all worth the  experience. For those designers who spill their creativity on papers, this tablet will prove to be a promising gift. Besides, the experience is digital which means combining old ways with new. A perfect combo!

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  1. Big Big Cursor

Big Cursor

Your friends no longer have to use the conventional pen type stylus on their touchscreen devices! Gift your buds this out of the box Big-Big Cursor. Available in shape of a gloved finger and cursor version, this cool accessory comes with a magnet. So, it can be easily stuck to a metal surface to prevent it from getting misplaced. graphic design company in chennai

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