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Creating the Perfect Logo and Logo Trends of 2019

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7. Detailed vintage

Sleek, minimal designs have had a strong grip on trending logo designs in recent years. It might seem surprising, then, that 2019 brings exceptionally detailed, beautifully crafted logo designs. Brands that want to create an aura of vintage sophistication and authenticity are looking toward intricate, detailed illustrations to represent their artisan, handcrafted, top-shelf products. Graphic Design Company


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MARINE LOGO From God Particles

9. Gradients

Gradient design has become a top modern logo design trend in the last few years. Instagram kicked off the gradient frenzy when they updated their logo two years ago and adopted the simple, but striking, trend. While initially derided, Instagram’s update wound up prompting an onslaught of gradient-using designs – from web design, to print design, and in 2019, logo design. Graphic Design Company

Colorful, attractive, and striking, gradient logos use color in a way that appeals to, well, everyone. But be sure that you select complementary colors that can bleed into each other seamlessly. Don’t choose colors randomly.

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L1 Logo From God Particles

10. Minimalist text

Minimalism still holds center court in 2019. The need to use logos on a variety of platforms and interfaces makes this trend an appealing one, and it’s easy to understand the staying power minimalism has had in recent years. Graphic Design Company

Text-based logos with minimal typography and the occasional supporting graphic allow businesses a great deal of flexibility. Whether geometric, colourful, monochrome or subtly illustrated, minimalist, text-based logos are easy on the eyes and easy to adapt. By using only the brand’s name in a design, these logos translate smoothly on business cards, websites, apparel, and anywhere else our minimalist hearts can dream up.


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