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Graphic Designers for Marketing

Graphic Designs for Marketing

Consider email marketing

Email marketing is still a cost-effective solution which helps you reach your customers at the right time. People like to do business with people and brands they know, recognize and trust. You can use emails to share helpful and informative content with your users which will add to your credibility as a trustworthy resource. There are many free tools available in the market which allow you to automate your emails like MailChimp, Zoho, Mailjet, etc. Automating your emails will save you time and cost, yet delivering results for your business. [ graphic designers for marketing @Godparticles ]

  • Send follow up emails

A great way to improve retention of your business information in your customer’s mind is to send follow-up emails. Follow-up emails reminds customer of the important information, creates a place for them to find more information about your business and it shows that you care about the interaction with your customers. [ graphic designers for marketing @Godparticles ]

  • Optimize for mobile

Email Marketing Emails are now opened more on mobile than on desktop and emails that display incorrectly on mobile are deleted within the first three seconds. Hence, it is important for you to optimize your emails for mobile devices. Do not overload them with heavy images and a lot of text. Try to keep your emails simple, informative and mobile-friendly to improve opening rates for your emails.

  • Show, just don’t tell

You love your business, because you spent a lot of time in building it and bringing it to where it is today. Customers don’t necessarily share the same enthusiasm about your business. You have limited attention time from your customer. Make sure, you make the most out of it by adding fun content and images to your email rather than creating a long information overloaded email. If you want to share a lot of information, a great way is to create a blog post around the topic, and add the link to the post in your email. This will also generate more traffic for your blog and website and give interested customers a chance to know more about your business.

[ graphic designers for marketing @Godparticles ]

  • Have one clear subject

The subject line of your email decides if the email will be opened or not. Irrespective of how interesting your email is, no one will open it unless the subject is catchy and to the point. Choose a crisp and precise subject line which tells your customers what to expect in the email. Remember, do not try to fool your customers by forming an interesting headline for your email which is completely unrelated to the email just to ensure your emails are opened. This will result in lost credibility for your business and reduce customer trust in your business.

  • Make your message skim-mable

Customers receive a lot of marketing emails these days, which has reduced their attention span even further. Customers may spend only a few seconds to glance over your email, so make sure your content is properly structured. When you content is structured well, your customers can easily skim through the email to find the important and relevant sections for them.

  • Subscribe to competitors products

A great way to stay in touch with your competitors marketing strategy is to subscribe to your competitors service or use their product. Most successful companies tend to communicate with their customers via email and inform them of any updates and changes. When you subscribe to their blog or email list, you can easily understand stay updated with what activities they undertake to reach out to their customers and promote their products. Create email tags or a new email ID to keep track of these emails in a single place. [ graphic designers for marketing @Godparticles ]

  • Send test emails before launching the campaign

Whether you’re creating a new email from the scratch or using the predefined template, it’s always important to test the email before sending it out to your customers. Send the email to a few of your colleagues and check if the email opens correctly across all devices. Also, check for broken links and spelling + grammar errors. A broken link or a grammatical error can leave a negative impact about your business.

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