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Logo Design Service Vs Graphic Designers

Creating the Perfect Logo and Logo Trends of 2019

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10. Geometric shapes

Logos are, at their cores, symbols. A great logo acts as a visual representation of a brand’s personality, values, and purpose. Every element of a strong logo must communicate these things clearly and memorably. Geometric shapes can work as powerful, memorable symbols. Mathematically precise squares, perfect circles, and isosceles triangles don’t tend to appear in nature. So, using these shapes communicates a sense of order and power. Graphic Designers in Chennai


Logo Designers in chennai

The Kafe Logo

11. Hand drawn logos

Custom, hand-drawn artwork will see a comeback in 2019. The abundance of readily available, free to use stock art has heavily dominated the logo scene during the past decade. Having access to cheap and accessible stock art catalogs or templates to design made finding logos easy for businesses of all kinds. The increased demand for custom logos has led to an interest in hand-drawn artwork for logos. Having real illustrations provides brands with a personality that generic stock simply can’t offer, and smart businesses are taking notice. Graphic Designers in Chennai


Graphic Designers in chennai


12. Metallics

Metallics are worth their weight in gold for logos in 2019. Whether a brilliant platinum, a shiny gold, or a romantic rose gold, you can expect to see these luxe designs in increasing numbers in the coming years. It’s easy to think that metallics should be reserved for jewelers, but the broader use in recent years has made metallics accessible to businesses of all kinds – so long as your branding suits high-class luxury, or a truly classic look. The prestige and elegance associated with metallics are surprisingly versatile, and the powerful impact they make on consumers? That impact is worth its weight in… gold. Graphic Designers in Chennai


Logo Designs vs Graphic Designers.

Logo design trends and logo design styles can offer a great way to breathe fresh life into your brand.


Customer preferences and markets change over time, so it’s important to understand trends before you settle on your brand. Lasting trends help you to better shape and define your brand. Passing fads can lead you astray.





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