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Graphic Designing Company in Chennai Adyar

Graphic Designing Company in Chennai Adyar

Graphic Designing Company

graphic desinging company in chennai

For university we had to enter the “Design Graphics Student Magazine Cover Competition” which is open to all Australian graphic design students and secondary schools. This is my mock-up for it. Graphic Designing Company in Chennai Adyar

For those who qualify, the entries close 30th April 2008. More entry details here (PDF). You can see last years entries here.

I have not submitted the cover yet as I need to refine minor details and we are still awaiting a student peer review at Uni so the design still may change depending on the feedback I receive from university and from JCD readers.

Magazine cover design saying:

Magazine covers are generally designed to attract attention (sometimes called ‘shelf presence’) and to reflect the style of the publication. With this in mind, there are some basic rules that make a good starting point. The use of a single, eye-catching image, for example, is a good place to start —and you will notice that these are the covers that once again proved successful.The golden rule of magazine cover design is that the image should contain some ’emotional content’ that give it pick-up appeal. If the design is too ‘busy’, is too abstract, or the colours are too dark or dingy, it will not be immediately noticed on the shelf. By all means challenge the shelf browsers, but don’t ask too much of them. The publisher wants the magazine to stand out and attract new readers, as well as ring in the regulars. Try to create ‘graphic charisma’. “

  1. Have I adhered to what is mentioned above?
  2. What are your first thoughts upon looking at the cover?
  3. What can I improve?
  4. Would you pick this magazine up?
  5. Would you buy it?

Graphic Designing Company in Chennai Adyar

Please be as harsh as possible! Below is the original and then my updated and submitted version is below (with 3mm bleed). Try to spot the differences. Graphic Designing Company in Chennai Adyar
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