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Logo Design Company Chennai

Logo Design Company Chennai


On June 6th, Just Creative Design is turning 7 months old, ie. 7 months since my first ever blog post and to celebrate I am holding a little contest. I know 7 months is a random number but I actually thought we were 6 months old (a bit more appropriate) but when I checked our archives to find my first ever blog post I realised we were actually 7 months old – Logo Design Company Chennai

The Prize? A free logo design!

If you hadn’t already guessed it, a free logo design is up for grabs to one lucky winner. You can check out my logo design work in my portfolio.

How to win?


Easy. Leave a comment below with the reasons why you deserve / need / should win the logo – it may be as short or long as you   like –   try to tell me what the logo will be for if you can. I will pick the winner based on who has the best reasoning.

I will take entries up until 3rd of June and will announce the winner on June 4th AEST and I will design the logo after I get back from my planned holiday – aka middle of July.

You can comment now or you can read on to see how we got to where we are today.

Just Creative Design’s Journey So Far


Back in November I found out that blogging was more than just a personal journal and after finding that out I just had to start my own blog and I am SO happy I did. I have learned more about design from the blogosphere than I ever could in 4 years at University.

My main inspiration to start blogging was David Airey who started his graphic design blog much like me, without any knowledge of blogging. He now has over 4500+ loyal subscribers and his blog is a great promotional tool for his business. I believe Just Creative Design is following in his footsteps.

After only 7 months of blogging (of which I was on holidays for 2 months) we have grown to around 2300+ subscribers and I have generated upwards of $5000 from the blog so far through advertising (want to advertise?) and design work coming through the blog, gaining clients locally as well as clients in Malaysia, America and Canada. I am still available for hire.

Some Stats

Everyone loves a bit of stats so here we go.

  • 10.5 new subscribers per day on average. My goal was to get 2.5 per day back in January so very happy with our growth.
  • We average 8,000 unique visits per day.
  • Alexa Ranking Of 62,540.
  • 120 Posts (20 of them Side Blog Posts).
  • Google PR of 3. Used to be 5 though.
  • Currently ranked #1 on Google for “Logo Design Newcastle”.
  • Technorati Ranking of 9,468 (Favourite Us).
  • Average of 20 comments per blog post.
  • 190 Followers on Twitter. (Follow Me).
  • 80% of my visitors come from USA, Australia, UK and Canada together.
  • Main traffic is from Google Organic, Stumble Upon and Design Float.



My work has appeared in many galleries across the net and below is a sample of some of the ones that I am aware of.

And there we have it, a small summary of our achievements thus far.

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