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Logo Design

Flash & Flex:

51- Labs Adobe

New technologies and development from Adobe.

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52- Christophe Coenraets

Blog of a Flex developer.

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54- Adobe AIR Tutorials

The site of for tutorials on AIR.

Graphics Motion

55- Mike Chambers

The blog of Mike Chambers based on programming and technology.

creative designers

56- The Blog Flash

Blog for Action Script 3 and Flex.

graphic design works

57- Jean Phi Blog

One of the largest French flashers. Has some great work, but the French part may be a problem for some. ?

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60 Swiss Legacy

A blog focused on typography, swiss design and the grid.

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61- I Love Typography

Speaks for itself. A must know.

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62- Design & Typo

The blog of the famous Peter Gabor, posts cool inspiration pieces (in English too).

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63- The Typographer

The site on typography for the French.

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64- Slanted

Large German site on typography.

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Video & Motion:

65- Stage6

YouTube of animation (2d and 3d). Great quality.

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66- Fubiz

A great blog which posts creative daily inspirational pieces of design. Bookmark this one for sure.

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67- Motiono Grapher

International reference for all who are in the motion business.

High Web Designs

68- Video Copilot

Tutorials of creating special video effects.

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69- Graphics/ Motion

Italian Blog of Motion, the articles are of great quality and are updated very regularly.

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70 FX Guide

Great Community site of Video and Motion, do not miss this one!

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71- Works Motion

The site of John Dickinson, great inspiration here.

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Personal Design Blogs:

72- Elliot Jay Stocks

Just check it out. His name pops up everywhere!

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73- Veerle Blog

One of most beautiful blosg on the Web, very complete articles and tutorials, in short a must.

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75- Jina Bolton

Design of Jina Bolton (aka Sushi Monster), author of the book “Art & Science of CSS” and of the excellent conference “Create Sexy StyleSheet.” A very envious portfolio.

Well well well

76- Snook

Blog of the graphic designer, developer, writer and lecturer of Jonathan Snook – very complete tips and tricks for all Web Designers.

Boing Boing

76- Stuff And Nonsense

Super and super blog of Markley, one of best WebDesigners in the world.


77- Lysergid

Blog of the excellent French Art Director Loïc SATTLER. Great articles, fresh design.

Topic WordPress Split Da Diz (?e%)

78- Iso 50

Blog of the excellent graphic designer Scott Hansen.

2 subjects

79- John Nack Blog

Blog of John Nack, composed of very complete article on graphics and Adobe.

3 subjects



80 NetVibes

The web comes to you. News aggregator plus!

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81- Del.Ico.Us

A tool for bookmaking and social media attention, must have!

1 subjects

82- Twitter

Get updates on what your friends, co workers, etc are doing.

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83- FaceBook

A website where you can pass your life.

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84- Flickr

The social site of photography – a great number of people are present there with new photographs to discover each day.

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Places for just browsing – Areas that most designers are interested in. (ie. Fashion, Music, Design)

85- Vinyl misuses

A magazine about toys.. Must check this site out, some really cool designs.

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86- Discobelle

Excellent site of music, showcases music videos, parties, etc.


87- Hype Beast

Magazine for fashion design and culture.

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88- Lense

A French reference for all those who wish to know some more about photography.

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90 PopRave Blog

Underground culture of the clothes industry.

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91- All Graphic Design

A site for everything graphic design related.

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92- North X East

Articles for bloggers.

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93- Ads Of The World

Web site which publishes all of the worlds ads. Great inspiration here.

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94- LogoPond

Logo Design Inspiration

Logo design company chennai

95- Logo Design Love

A blog focused totally on Logo Design. Regular articles and resources.

Logo Design

96- Split Da Diz (No longer active)

I have translated his page from French into English as he was the original poster of this article however I changed the French sites he recommended into English ones, fixed the old links he had posted and changed the order of some items

Logo Design Company chennai

97- Boing Boing

A general directory of wonderful things.

Logo Design Company chennai

98- Business of Design Online

Pretty much anything to help a design business grow online.

logo design

99- Just Creative Design

Who else would have brought you this massive list of 99+ graphic design resources? We provide graphic design tips, resources and articles for all.

Creative Design

Articles Source : JustCreative

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  • Logo Of The Day – A logo design inspiration gallery that gets updated daily.
  • Logo Designer Blog – A blog focused purely on logo, branding and identity design.

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