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Logo Designers Chennai

Logo Designers Chennai | Creative Logo Designers

Logo Designers Chennai

Rich symbolism displayed with multiple symbols, often giving a cult like feel. Logo Designers Chennai

Logo Designs chennai

Neo Vintage Logos

The new vintage… nostalgic logos. Often type is placed over the top of a supporting image.

Logo Designers Chennai

Black & White Hipster Logos

A matured version of the recent classic hipster badges using traditional elements, Logo Designers Chennai


Creating faux heritage through balanced design. EST. 2018? Yup.

Logo Designers Chennai


Is it blue or is it purple? No, it’s somewhere in between. That’s a blurple gradient. This trend explores new & less traditional colour spectrums.

Logo Designers Chennai

Gold Logos

Faux gold created by metallic, flat or gradient tones. Often used to communicate prestige, elegance, and sophistication.

Logo Designers Chennai

Fatty Fade Trend

Combining the past and present with a contemporary aesthetic, often with fat lines.

Logo Designers Chennai

Linear Fade Trend

Striped lines and channels.

Logo Designers Chennai

Field Lines Logo Trend

Thick consistently girthed lines, reminiscent of the golden era of logos. Works well on small or large applications.

Logo Designers Chennai

Cut Logo Design Trend

Cutting letter forms for stylistic gesture and disruption.

Logo Designers Chennai

Serif Redux

Bringing back warmth, humanity and charm with serifs, to counter the soulless sans-serif of late.

Logo Designers Chennai

Punctuation Logo Trend

Commas, periods, colons, all used to send a certain message.


Logo Designers Chennai


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Logo Designers Chennai india Logo Designers Chennai

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Do you have any further logo design trends or inspiration to add? Logo Designers chennai

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