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Newspaper ad design chennai

Newspaper Ad Design Chennai


Despite growing technological advancement especially in the area of advertising and media, newspapers still continue to reign supreme. This is because newspapers have a significant circulation and loyal readership even when there are a plethora of 24*7 entertainment and news channels available on television. newspaper ad design chennai

Newspaper advertising

For advertisers too newspaper advertisements are a much more focussed and targeted way to approach consumers. Newspapers advertisements can be used to target specific sections of the population. These people may not always be tech savvy. Hence they may be difficult to reach through other forms of advertising. Newspaper advertising can include anything from inserts to regular sections or even seasonal advertisements. newspaper ad design chennai

Front Page Advertisement

Unlike other forms of advertising, newspaper advertising and its impact is very controllable. The advertiser can choose the size, page or section where the ad should appear so that it reaches the desired population. An advertisement on sports gear is best suited to appear in the sports section and an advertisement on mutual funds can appear on the city section which will be viewed by most common people. If you want even more visibility, you can splurge a little and get a front page advertisement or better do a full page advertisement that can help products and organisations go viral instantly. newspaper ad design chennai

Digital Medium

Newspaper advertising can also integrate print-to-web features, such as QR codes, to link readers with relevant web-based information, including special offers and more. The average attention span of any user on digital medium is only 8 seconds so newspapers do have a considerable advantage in holding the attention of the consumer provided the advertisement is designed effectively. The design should take into account colours that will look vibrant in print an employ them while designing the newspaper advertisement.

The design has to be simple with a creative tinge so that the readers will take a second look at it. The placement of the advertisement should also be apt. When placed next to very sensational news, even well designed advertisements can go unnoticed.

Hence a combination of effective design, positioning and timing is crucial to ensure that your newspaper advertisements stands out from the crowd. newspaper ad design chennai

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