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Package Design and Branding

Remember a time when packaging meant just containers and bottles and the only thing labels contained were the details of the product. But with the industrial boom and increasing competition, packaging designers now bear the responsibility of attracting customers too. Every store shelf is filled with              [ Package Design and Branding Chennai ] products of the same category and an innovative packaging design does influence the buying decision.


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The packaging should be complementary to the product. If they aren’t convenient for the customer to use, it is frowned upon. Ketchup in glass bottles were always a headache. Until upside down squeezy packs were introduced. Package Design and Branding Company in Chennai @God Particles

Brochure Designs From God Particles
Brochure Designs From God Particles


Make the product package usable for the customer even after the product has been used. The gems package that contains a ball filled with gems can be used by the child to play even after eating it. Customers like it when they get more than they bargain for


Limited edition packaging for any seasonal issues such as sporting events and movie releases. People like to have collectibles. E.g. Football themed packaging for FIFA and Game of Thrones related packaging for the season finale premiere.

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Brochure Designs From God Particles


Once in a while breaking the rules to get rid of the monotony. But while breaking the rules, don’t get too freaky. Because there are some rules such as toothpastes come in a tube and shoes come in boxes.


While being creative is good, don’t overdo the design. The package, as well as its label, should be clean and simple. Keeping the label clean does not mean hiding the required information. Give all relevant information on your product package but don’t make it too artistic.

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Stay updated about the latest trends in the design world and incorporate them into your package and label design. Consumers get attracted to your product when you jump in the trend thus increasing the sales volume of your product.


Always think from the customer’s perspective. It helps understand their expectations and also to represent the product in an appealing way.


Most customers want to close the packet after use and save it for later. If you are doing big quantities, consider re sealable packs. Customers love it.

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Include Humour, sarcasm and fun elements in the packaging. Even though it doesn’t add any utility, customers enjoy seeing fun boxes and labels.


Customers prefer to use packaging that is easier to open, use, carry and reseal. If it is not handy, they will look for other options. Unless you have a monopoly over the market, you can experiment too much with packaging. Package Design and Branding Company Chennai


Colour of a package is a very important element of the whole design. So, you should choose your package colour very carefully. It should be bright and loud enough to attract customers to its shelf. At the same time, it should also be easy on the eyes.

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Product and Package Designs from God Particles

Package Design and Branding Chennai

When a customer enters an aisle, your product package should be clearly recognisable from other competing products. Furthermore, the label of the product should also be legible that a person can know the product’s name and its brand with just one look.


Instead of making the illustration of chips on the packet you can leave some transparent space to give the consumer a glimpse of the real chips. Instead of writing the name of the colour and the code of the lipstick, keep the package transparent to show the real shade of the lipstick. Be transparent with your customers and let your product be visible.

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