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Package Design Resources

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Package Design Resources

Package Design Resources

The packaging industry has changed more in the last 15 years than in the entire century preceding it. Package Design Resources

There’s no doubt that superior package design and messaging on a regional scale are large drivers of this growth. It shows how much power a package designer has for a brand when utilising the right tools.

Package Designers

Here’s a list of 25 of the best package design resources online.

If you know of any great package design resources that I left off this list.

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Package Design Inspiration


The Dieline — A wonderful mixture of packaging design inspiration, this blog combines features on innovative packaging projects with conceptual packaging ideas from major brands to students and everyone in between. This blog curates a wide variety of package styles and design concepts to help spur your creativity! Package Design Resources

Packaging of the World — Package design inspiration with an international flair! This blog highlights creative packaging from a variety of industries and regions of the world. Signing up for their newsletter is a must for any designer.

Lovely Package — This blog showcases “the very best packaging design”. This site does a good job of explaining the premise of the packaging projects depicted in the images. Package Design Resources

Packaging Design Archive —  This site seeks to provide an “analytical reading of [packaging] and its elements.” They accomplish this task through hyper-tagging the featured package designs with properties like typography, minimal, or biodegradable.

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BXP Brand Experience —  BXP Magazine’s package design section showcases packages that utilise the latest technologies to create interactive experiences with consumers.To engage the audience, package designers need to utilise new tools that connect the consumer to multiple channels. Ultimately, the package should connect the consumer to the brand behind the product. This is a great resource to see ways that your packaging can accomplish this goal. Package Design Resources

Dezeen —   A combination of packaging design industry news and inspiration, what’s neat about this site is that it goes in-depth about the creative process, motivation and background of the designers and brands who created the featured designs.

Behance —  Behance is probably well-known to most designers as Adobe’s design sharing and showcasing service, but it’s not to be overlooked here. With thousands of creative styles, this is a good site to check out for additional inspiration. You never know what sort of unique design you may find.

Package Design

Package Inspiration —  As straightforward as the name implies, package inspiration is a selection of package design company in Chennai  intended to inspire packaging designers! You can find unique ideas to spur your own inspiration here.

Package Design Resources

Beach Packaging Design —: This is Beach packaging design firm’s blog. It’s off the wall, fun to read and in the process, brings out some good points about package design.

BP & O — More than just pictures and articles about stunning packaging design, this blog actually reviews the designs and offers critiques, which is something strangely hard to find when surfing the web for information about packaging design.

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