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Portfolio Design Company in Chennai

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Portfolio Design Company in Chennai

Jim McCauley  Essential Tips   portfolio design company Chennai

It’s not news to anyone that if you want the world to know about your work, you’ll need a good-looking portfolio. But it’s easy to fall into the trap of building it and then sticking with the same design for years, with the result that what looked good a while back is now positively outdated and a little bit creaky. Portfolio Design Company in Chennai

If your design portfolio is showing its age, or if you’re just starting out and looking for the best way to present your work, we’ve found ten of the best on-trend portfolio templates for you, delivering all the up-to-date technologies, effects and layouts you’re likely to need. Many of them are available both as HTML and WordPress themes, and most importantly, none of them will cost you a fortune.

01. Werkstatt

10 on-trend portfolio templates: Werkstatt

Werktatt provides a host of hover and sound effects

Built to bring out the best in your portfolio, Werkstatt offers a huge range of great-looking ready-made portfolio themes to choose between, plus plenty of options for creating your own custom look. It uses Visual Composer to help you build your page using drag and drop, and with any number of hover effects and even sound effects available, you can be sure your finished portfolio will get people talking.

02. Oriana

10 on-trend portfolio templates: Oriana

For a minimal look, give Oriana a go

First of all ff you like to keep things simple, Oriana is a sleek minimal theme. Additionally it’s  made with photography in mind but just as suitable for graphic design or illustration portfolios without any unnecessary visual clutter. This WordPress theme is fully responsive and retina-ready, and its one-click install means you can have a site up and running in minutes.

03. Wizzard

10 on-trend portfolio templates: Wizzard

Wizzard combines cool features and fast loading times

For a slick, fast-loading site with plenty of options certainly Wizzard is well worth casting an eye over. It’s an Ajax-powered template (there’s also a WordPress version available) suitable for all types of creative, and delivers plenty of in-demand features such as smooth scrolling, a full-screen overlay menu and beautiful page transitions, and with fast loading times you won’t keep visitors waiting to see your work. Portfolio Design Company in Chennai

04. Sahel

10 on-trend portfolio templates: Sahel

Sahel’s palette is an absolute eye-opener

We love the warm earth tones of Sahel‘s default configuration; if it’s something that fits with the style of your own work then you’d be hard-pushed to find a better portfolio template. It’s responsive and retina-ready comes with a full set of project and portfolio list templates, as well as an assortment of shop page layouts and blog templates; everything you need for a stunning site.

05. Overlap

10 on-trend portfolio templates: Overlap

If you’re not sure what you want, Overlap has plenty of options

Whether you want a simple one-pager or a more complex portfolio site, Overlap has an option for you. It’s a fully customisable WordPress theme that makes it easy to create beautiful responsive pages using Visual Composer, and it gives you load of options for making your portfolio stand out, including text scrolling animations, video backgrounds and colour overlays.

06. Inshot

10 on-trend portfolio templates: Inshot

Inshot is ideal for photographers

Available in both HTML and WordPress versions, Inshot is a clean and modern portfolio template that’s aimed primarily at photographers but ideal for anyone looking for the perfect way to present their creative work. While it comes with six portfolio designs as well as 10 single-pagers. Furthermore there is an option for full-screen images or video as backgrounds.  In addition to this it has seven homepage options including sliders and horizontal carousels. As a result, it has all the options you need to build a unique site.

07. Satelite

10 on-trend portfolio templates: Satelite

You can’t beat a beautiful full-screen slider

Above all full-screen slider can be a fantastic way to give people a close-up look at your work.  Certainly, Satelite is a fast-loading and fully responsive way to do just that. As well as full-screen sliders, it also offers large and small carousel sliders as well as a Masonry grid, and for that cool extra touch it also gives you one of those mouse-following cursors that you see on all the bestest portfolio sites these days.

08. Notio

10 on-trend portfolio templates: Notio

Notio delivers lightweight pages with lots of layout options

Portfolio Design Company in Chennai

Built for WordPress with a stack of portfolio layout options. Similarly it helps you to choose the perfect way to lay out your work. Notio comes packed with custom elements as well as eight unique templates with four different pagination options. It uses WordPress’ adaptive images functionality, as a result of which loading time is reduced. Furthermore it also features three different filter styles for great-looking layouts.

09. Aoko

10 on-trend portfolio templates: Aoko

Aoko’s video navigation is certain to turn heads

First of all, that all-important first impression, take a look at Aoko. It’s a responsive HTML template which is similarly also available for WordPress. Stunning mouseover effects and CSS3 animation options can be customised easily. Portfolio Design Company in Chennai


10. CV Portfolio

10 on-trend portfolio templates: CV Portfolio

Will you choose the light or dark side?

CV Portfolio comes with three basic homepage layouts – a type-based page, a video page and a static page – in light and dark variations, and it comes with ready-made page designs such as an about page and a contact page and of course that all-important portfolio page. Built using the latest version of Bootstrap. Similarly, it also comes in both HTML and WordPress options.

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