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Poster Design Company

Poster Design Tips

Posters are a great form of promotion and can help expose the masses to your personal, business or client message. The main priority of a poster is generally to expose someone to an event. Key information should be easy to read and help draw attention to the poster. This creates a hierarchy in the text. Poster Design Company  @GodParticles
When it comes to poster design you should think of these three layers
Headline: This is the main text element in the design. It can be in addition to an art element or it can be the art element. Opt for a readable typeface that is interesting and demands attention.
Details: What, when, where? Answer these questions in the second level of the text. What information does someone need to do what your poster is asking of them? Provide the information here in a concise manner.
The fine print: It’s everything else that needs to be on the poster. Make it small and keep it out of the way.

Poster Design Company

The goal of every poster is to expose people to something. It can be to invite someone to a concert or movie or another event. For that reason a call to action is vital. The difference from web design is that the call to action might not be as simple. In websites “sign up” or “email us” are common actions that you can’t get on a poster. The call to action is often the event information or a contact point in poster design. Once you know what users are supposed to do when they see the poster, then you can design the call to action. Some designers really like elements such as QR codes to encourage users to scan for information; only use this tool if it is popular in your market

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