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Social Media Design Agency Chennai

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With the introduction of social media, we have a powerful tool at our fingertips that can share pieces of content all over the world in seconds but many business owners struggle with implementing an effective social media marketing strategy that drives sales. Social Media Designs in Chennai, [ Social Media Design Agency Chennai @God Particles]

  • Find out where your customers are more likely to hang out

Once you have established what your target customers look like, and who your major competitors are you can easily find out which social media platforms are frequently used by your audience. Don’t try to build your presence on all platforms, rather focusing on one single platform will help you reduce efforts and focus on your audience.

  • Create your Facebook page

Irrespective of your industry, create an official Facebook page for your business. It’s free to create and you can use the page for official announcements and for promoting your discounts and offers. [ Social Media Design Agency Chennai @God Particles]

  • Claim your vanity URL for the facebook page

When you claim your Facebook page, your page URL looks something like www.facebook.com/pages/business/84682376?ref=ts. Once your page reaches 25 likes, you can claim your vanity URL which looks something like www.facebook.com/YourBusinessName. This makes it easier for you to promote your Facebook page in your marketing material.

  • Create your Twitter account

Twitter is a great platform to reach out to new customers and generate brand awareness. Create a Twitter account (personal or business is your choice) and connect with people in your industry. Use Twitter to find related hashtags to your business and find out what people are talking about. [ Social Media Design Agency Chennai @God Particles]

  • Engage in relevant conversations

Many businesses make the mistake of blatantly promoting their business online. Your promotions should never be a one-way street where you share what your business is doing, but you should focus on engaging in related conversations across channels to build a connection with your brand.

  • Explore Quora

Quora is an amazing platform to engage in relevant conversations and display your business expertise. A lot of people ask questions and queries on Quora, and by answering some of these queries you build your reputation as a thought leader. Find new ideas to talk about, ask good questions, build your presence and engage with your audience. Make sure you research your answers and prove your worthiness in your answers. [ Social Media Design Agency Chennai @God Particles]

  • Use WhatsApp Business

Your customer’s needs evolve as technology changes their way of living. Adapting to the latest trends can push you ahead of your competitors. People are more likely to shop with a business they can reach through messaging. Hence, integrating a messaging app in your marketing strategy becomes an important step for your business. You can use the WhatsApp Business app to stay in touch with your customers and inform them of your latest promotions and offers.

  • Reuse content

It’s impossible to generate a lot of content for your business daily. A great way is to reshare and reuse the quality content created by other people. In this way, you can share relevant content which is genuinely useful to your audience without worrying about creating those content. In addition, sometimes other may choose to reshare that content, in turn cross-promoting your business too.

  • Add relevant hashtags to your posts

Hashtags allow the search engine to index your content to a related topic and help you reach a wider audience. When you add hashtags to your content, you’re making it easier for people to search your content on different channels. Using relevant hashtags can drive engagement to your social media accounts and to your website and help you grow your business.

  • Schedule your posts

You don’t have to spend time in posting on each social media channel every day. You can simply schedule your posts for the month in advance. Facebook provides it’s in-built tool to schedule posts while you can schedule content on other platforms by using free scheduling tools like Buffer, Tweetdeck, Coschedule, Sprout Social, etc. This will ensure your social accounts feel alive and active without you putting in a lot of efforts. [ Social Media Design Agency Chennai @God Particles]

  • Share your social links

Once you have created your social media pages, share them on your communication material. Request your customers to follow you on social channels and tell them what they can expect by following you on each channel. Unless you have followers who are genuinely interested in your business, there is no use in sharing quality content on your channels.

  • Get ideas from competitors social media pages

Follow your competitors on social media and track their content and posts to get ideas on what works well and what doesn’t. You can also set alerts on Twitter to alert you every time your competitor posts a tweet. Facebook also allows you to add your competitors in the Insights section where you can track their number of likes, percentage change in followers vs the last week, number of posts in the current week and their overall engagement rate.

— Article source : JustCreative

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