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Web Design and Graphic Design Company Chennai

Web Design and Graphic Design Company Chennai

Designers Must Know About

Graphic Design

Below is a list of 99+ graphic design resources, in English and (and a few other languages), that all designers must know about.

Web Design and Graphic Design Company Chennai

General Design

Web Design


Show Cases


Flash and Flex


Video and Motion

Personal Design Blogs

Web 2.0



For more resources you can check out the 101 Places To Get Design Inspiration. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more graphic design resources.

General Design

1 Spunk United

An excellent magazine with a selection of the worlds best artists providing inspiration, interviews, articles and more.

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2 FreeLance Switch (No longer active)

The community site of reference for all freelances. You must know this one!

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3 Computer Arts

The site of the excellent international magazine Computer Arts. I have subscribed to this mag and love it!

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4 David Airey

A graphic and logo designer who shares his knowledge on these areas.

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5 Behance

A site gathering the portfolios of the artists of the whole world, a true inspiration.

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6 Pdf Mags

References all the PDF mags out there! A great resource.

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7 Graphic Design Forum (no longer running).

The most active of the graphic design forums out there. A bit more focused for the beginner designer.

Graphic Design Forum

8 Design Is Kinky

An Australia site focused purely on design news and design in general. Stay up to date!

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9 Freelance Folder

A community blog which posts regular articles on freelancing. Very diverse.

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10 Bittbox

Provides regular resources for design… tutorials, brushes, vectors and more!

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11 Vandelay Webdesign

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Provides very social media friendly articles, large resource lists and tips for web designers.

12 You The Designer (No longer active)

Very complete and diverse range of articles on graphic design.

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13 Design You Trust

A daily design magazine, blog and small community, full of new design trends, news and events, great design portfolios and hand-picked design stuff from all over the globe.

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Web Design:

14 Noupe

An excellent site on Web design & the development of the web (CSS & Ajax).

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15 Smashing Magazine

Information for all. So broad that if you are a designer and you don’t know this site, we all have pity for you.

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16 Think Vitamin

Vitamin is a resource for web designers, developers and entrepreneurs. 50,000 subscribers can’t be wrong.

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17 24 Ways

Web design and development, quality articles are always here.

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18 A List Apart

Another pillar of the Web Design blog world, very good articles with diversified contributors.

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19 Site Point

Very diversified site, graphics, css, ajax… Also editor of many Web Design books.

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20 The Rissington Podcast

Excellent podcasts full with humour of excellent the Web Designer John Oxton and Jon Hicks.

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21 Web Appers

Blog of Open Resources for Web Developers. .

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22 Happy Cog

They publish their best ideas and speak out to the world on web design.

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23- Web Designer Wall

A must have for all web designers and designers out there!

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24 Design Float

A digg like site for design related subjects. Must know!

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25- Psd Tuts

The best tutorials on the web. Mmmmm.

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26- Blue Vertigo

The MUST HAVE bookmark of all stock resourceson the net.

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27- SXC.hu

My favourite stock site, you may notice I use this site for most of my images on this site.

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28- Icon Finder

Self explanitory. web design and graphic design company chennai

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29- Da Font

Free fonts. Mmmm. web design and graphic design company chennai

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30 Maniackers Design Make

A lot of inspiration can be found here along with a lot of free resources. Bit hard to navigate though.

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31- Colour Lovers

Find, create and exchange your pallets of favourite colors.

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Show Cases:

32- Command Shift 3

Have you heard of hot or not? This is like that but for web designs, you choose the best website of 2. Great for inspiration.

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33- Showcase Point

Showcases Flash & CSS sites with several options of sorting.

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34- Zeniltuo

Large database of all the inspiration sites out there.

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35- The FWA

Mainly shows off flash websites but is always of high quality. Great inspiration here.

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36- CSS Mania

Another showcase site. web design and graphic design company chennai

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37- CSS Remix

A very good gallery of CSS websites. company chennai

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38- Best Web Gallery

A very good selection of designs. company chennai

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39- ScreenFluent

A very good selection of Web designs. graphic design company chennai

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40 W3C Sites

Excellent selection of valid W3C sites.

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41- CSS Beauty

A good gallery and it also has very interesting articles on the development of websites with news.

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42- Edu Style

The schools and universities have also right to a gallery css, this one is particularly remarkable.

graphic design Tutorials



43 – Problogger

Tips on blogging in general. Must have for any blogger.

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45- Pro Blog Design

Tips on improving your blogs design. Only quality articles here.

High Web Designs

46- WP designer

The blog of reference for all the WordPress developers.

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47- Ajax Rain

One of largest Ajax bookshops on the Web.

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48- CSS3.info

The site of future standards – CSS3.

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49- CSS Earth

Site referring the best articles on the development of CSS on the Web.

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